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City of Davis - Zip Codes & Tax Rates

As of 10/1/14, both of the above zip codes are assessed a tax rate of 8.50% - the sales tax rate for purchases made within the Davis city limits.

Receiving Goods at Your Department

Receiving Goods at a Davis Vendor

If you are going to a vendor within Davis to purchase an item, you are subject to the 8.50% sales tax rate. You will need to change the Ship To zip on those orders to 95616 or 95618 as appropriate in order to calculate at the 8.50% rate.

Departments with AP Feeds

Please follow the instructions above relevant to your department's physical location. If your department should only pay the 7.50%, then make sure your feed sends the zip+4 (as indicated above) in place of the standard 95616 or 95618. If your feed sends 95616 or 95618, the system will use the 8.50% rate.

Purchasing Card System-Assessed Tax

For purchases with out-of-state vendors, the system will assess the tax rate based on the Ship-To Zip Code for your organization. The zip code indicated for your organization should be the one that is most frequently used for shipments.

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