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Extramural Funds Accounting


James Ringo
Division Manager and
Associate Accounting Officer
jaringo@ucdavis.edu 752-8140
Francisco Andrade
Assistant Manager
fcoandrade@ucdavis.edu 754-0604
Amar Banwait
Fund Management Analyst
banwait@ucdavis.edu 752-2931
Eli Berici
IRR Assistant
eberici@ucdavis.edu 752-5618
Janet Berger
jeberger@ucdavis.edu 757-8523

Contracts & Grants Team A: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering, and College of Letters and Science

To find the fund manager for your particular award, enter the UC fund number on the FIS55 report.
Tammy Castelli, Supervisor talavault@ucdavis.edu 754-4914
Diane Frost dmfrost@ucdavis.edu 757-8528
Amy Bernauer aebernauer@ucdavis.edu 754-5528
Nikki Clark ndclark@ucdavis.edu 757-8526
Helen Evangelista hevangelista@ucdavis.edu 757-8506
Grace He grhe@ucdavis.edu 752-5464
Maureen Ramirez mlramirez@ucdavis.edu 757-8689
Karen Sturgeon klsturgeon@ucdavis.edu 754-6483
Nicole Warren njwarren@ucdavis.edu 757-8529
Contracts & Grants Team B: College of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Education, Organized Research Units, Agricultural and Natural Resources, and all others not specifically listed

To find the fund manager for your particular award, enter the UC fund number on the FIS55 report.
Barbara Geisler, Supervisor bcgeisler@ucdavis.edu 754-9532
Debra Thomas drwthomas@ucdavis.edu 757-8521
Tammy Carrion tlsantos@ucdavis.edu 752-0677
Jeremiah Gilday jrgilday@ucdavis.edu 752-2665
Leslie Lipman lalipman@ucdavis.edu 757-8524
Cynthia Rosario crosario@ucdavis.edu 752-3539
Sandy Russo sdrusso@ucdavis.edu 752-1180
Robert Dawa rhdawa@ucdavis.edu 757-8531
Elvia Mayes eamayes@ucdavis.edu 757-8527
Cash Management and Gifts & Endowments Team
Mario Reina-Guerra, Supervisor mreinaguerra@ucdavis.edu 757-8525
Gifts & Endowments
Karen Majewski ksmajewski@ucdavis.edu 757-8532
Cash Management
Gisela Burk gburk@ucdavis.edu 757-8956
Stephanie Mata smmata@ucdavis.edu 752-0712
Amy Kaspari akkaspari@ucdavis.edu 757-8675
Compliance, Training & Analysis Team
Debra Henn, Supervisor dshenn@ucdavis.edu 757-8681
Dave Dickson dpdickson@ucdavis.edu 752-0253
Nick Gosaie nsgosaie@ucdavis.edu 757-8955

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