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PI Ledger Review Report

The PI Ledger Review (325) report in DaFIS Decision Support provides Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Investigators with financial information in a format that allows efficient and timely review of expenditures and effort posted to sponsored projects. The PI and Co-Investigators are responsible for reviewing this monthly report of expenditures for allowability and allocability and to identify errors and omissions for resolution in a timely manner. The PI and Co-Investigators will be required to review their accounts (Federal and Federal Flow Through fund sources) beginning with the November 2008 ledger. At this time, it is not possible for PIs/co-PIs to delegate the review to others. In the future, it may be possible when specific conditions are met.

The Review Status column of the report will initially show Review Required for any sponsored projects with Federal or Federal Flow Through funds or Review Recommended for any non-Federal sponsored projects. All other accounts will show Review not Required.

Accounts previously reviewed can be included or excluded from the list by clicking the Yes/No value in the report header labeled Reviewed Reports Included?

While viewing the charges for each account, encumbrances can be included or excluded from the data by clicking the Yes/No value in the report header labeled Encumbrances Included?

Note: In order to certify, the PI must be assigned to the account at the end of the month for which they are trying to process the review.

For example, if PI Smith is currently listed as the PI for account XYZ, but was not listed as the PI on account XYZ last month, he will not be able to certify account XYZ for last month. He will, however, be able to certify account XYZ for this month.

Considerations for Expenditure Review
Only costs which directly benefit a project may be charged to a project and must be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award. The following are a few suggestions to consider when reviewing the report for allowability and allocability of expenses charged to your accounts.
Other Considerations While Reviewing the Report
Completing the Review

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